5 Tips to Prevent Weather-Related Roofing Damage

5 Tips to Prevent Weather-Related Roofing Damage


Although all roofs will eventually need to be repaired or replaced, you can take steps to prevent weather-related damage to your roof. Check out our five tips to help extend the life of the roof and keep housing costs down, even in the worst weather.

Check your roof regularly.

Before a storm actually arrives, make sure your roof is already in good shape by doing regular checks. Look for missing shingles, areas of missing granules, and any other visible signs of damage. If you do notice a problem, contact local roofing experts to help you determine the next course of action.

Manage the tree growth around your roof.

For homeowners, trees are both beneficial and dangerous. Keep your roof safe by trimming back any branches that hang over the roof. This not only removes branches that can break and fall on your roof, but reduces the amount of leaves that collect in your gutters. Check your trees for decay, and remove dead growth that may fall onto the house.

Maintain proper roof insulation.

If too much heat rises up out of your home, this can melt any ice and snow that has accumulated on the roof. If it refreezes, this can create an “ice dam” that can cause water to back up and get into the house. This can cause bubbling paint, ceiling stains, warped flooring, damaged insulation, and growth of mold and mildew.

Ask about impact-resistant materials.

If your roof has already been damaged, or it’s just time for a replacement, consider impact-resistant materials that can help reduce damage from hail. Look for materials that have been specifically tested in a laboratory, and request these materials from your roofing experts.

Maintain roof drainage.

Regular gutter cleanings are one of the most dreaded chores of homeownership, but they are vital to protecting your roof and your home overall. Blockage in the gutters can cause water overflow (or excessive ice in winter weather), damaging the roof and potentially leaking into your home.

Does your roof need a little extra care? Let the experts at Turner Roofing help. Contact us with any questions, or to request an estimate for repairs or replacement.

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