Common Issues with Old Windows

Common Issues with Old Windows


If you just survived winter in a cold, drafty house, you’ve probably been daydreaming about summer. You know that you can’t survive another winter with your current windows. But how do you know exactly what’s wrong with your windows? Sometimes windows were incorrectly installed the first time and simply need to be adjusted. Other times they might have issues that need to be fixed. And often you simply need to buy new windows. Here’s a quick guide to the most common issues with windows and how to tell if it’s time to spring for a brand new window (for more information, contact us!).

1) The window was incorrectly installed.

Installing a window can be a tricky business. If cuts are made into the wall of the house and they are not done precisely, there can be holes around the window that let in drafty air. Even if they attempted to patch up those cracks, they may not have done a very good job. A quality installation is precise and the window frame fits into the cut snuggly.

2) The glazing putty is cracked and no longer effective.

The glazing putty is the goop that is plastered into the cracks of the window frame’s exterior to completely seal it off from moisture and air. Over time, it starts to dry out, shrink, and eventually can fall out of the window crack completely. If you see that it’s no longer there or looks pretty dismal, it’s time to replace it.

3) The window components are broken or shaky.

If your window frame feels rickety and old, it probably is. There are lots of parts and pieces that go into holding a window together and that keep it working smoothly. Over lots of years of use, those pieces can loosen and sometimes break. If the window feels shaky, won’t open, or is obviously struggling to function, it’s time for a repair or maybe even a replacement.

4) There are too many issues to salvage the window.

Sometimes windows are just too old to fix. If they’ve been improperly maintained, are warped or rotting, or if the repair is going to cost as much as a new window, it’s time to just spring for a new one. You might consider buying a new window anyway simply because of all the awesome new features that modern windows have. If you’ve got the budget, it might be worth considering this option.

If you’re ready to fix that old, rickety window, contact us at Turner Roofing for a professional consultation!

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