How to Get Creative With New Vinyl Siding Ideas

How to Get Creative With New Vinyl Siding Ideas


If you’re building a new house or Replacing the existing vinyl siding, it can be the perfect time to play with the style. Here are a few vinyl siding ideas to help you get creative.

Use more than one color of vinyl siding.

One of the simplest ways to update your vinyl siding is to play with the colors. Different-colored panels can add depth and complexity to a home and draw attention to a specific place. For example, you might use one color of vinyl siding for most of the home, but choose a brighter, contrasting color to bring attention to a porch or a new addition.

Use multiple vinyl siding patterns.

One of the benefits of vinyl siding is that it comes in numerous patterns and colors. Take advantage of these options by using multiple patterns on your home.

For an old-fashioned look, use scalloped vinyl siding on the gables of your home. Log siding and shingles can add a rustic feel to other exterior elements, such as porches. You can also combine horizontal and vertical siding for a simple but effective contrasting look.

Try different vinyl panel widths.

Vinyl siding comes in several different widths, such as 3 inches, 5 inches, or 8 inches. Combine two different widths to give your home greater depth of texture. For example, using a narrow panel on the first floor and a wider panel on the second floor, while keeping the same color for both, can create a look that is both uniform and dynamic.


Whatever style you want for your home, there’s a good chance that vinyl siding can make it happen. Its numerous styles, colors, and textures give you plenty of freedom to choose your desired look for your home.

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