Preventing a Roof Collapse After a Snowstorm

Preventing a Roof Collapse After a Snowstorm

1. Know what kind of snow is falling: Light and fluffy snow shouldn’t be much of an issue for your roof, but heavy, wet snow, or snow mixed with ice or sleet can be of concern. The heavier the snow (or ice), the more impact it’ll have on your roof. Take into consideration how much snow is falling, too.

2. Have a snow rake handy: A snow rake is a long-handled rake used to safely remove snow and/or ice from your roof. When using a snow rake, don’t try to get the entire roof free of snow. Instead, aim to remove the looser snow towards the bottom edge of the roof and leave a couple inches to naturally melt away when the weather gets warmer. Never use a snow rake while on a ladder. Only stand on solid ground and aim to keep the snow away from gutters and downspouts.

3. Don’t be afraid to call a professional: Snow removal and roofing companies alike often offer roof snow removal services. There’s nothing wrong with erring on the side of safety and having someone with experience clean off your roof — and although it’s more expensive than handling it yourself, it’s certainly safer and more efficient.

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