The Process of Roof Installation

The Process of Roof Installation


Roof installations have some standard features across the board, although the process varies depending on the material you select. It is important to know what roof installation entails before you decide to purchase a new roof. Turner Roofing Company offers quality service no matter which roofing material you choose. Contact us for particulars regarding your roof.

Preparing Your Roof

First, make sure your roof is ready for a new installation. Repair any existing structural damage within your attic. Be sure to cover any items stored in your attic with plastic or a drop cloth to prevent damage due to debris. Have your chimney inspected for any brick work that may need attention to prevent leaking after your new roof is installed?

Preparing the Interior

Roof installation is difficult for everyone, even from inside the house. Constant loud noise is a common problem for most homeowners. Metal roof installation might be noisier than most. If you choose an asphalt shingle roof, you may cope with a fine coat of dust during the project. Roof installation may cause objects to fall or break. Do a walkthrough before the installers show up, put away all fragile valuables, and consider laying tarps or towels in rooms most vulnerable to dirt and debris. Be sure to clear the ceilings of chandeliers, hanging plants, and other objects.

How long will my project take?

Depending upon the extent of the roof replacement it could take just one day or several. If your roof decking is being replaced, expect a longer project. Be sure to discuss the scope of your project with your representative and how to best prepare your yard, home and family for installation


Let the workers, your family, and your neighbors know what you need during roof installation. Advise people to park vehicles in safe places. Ask the workers any questions and share any concerns. Contact Turner Roofing any time before, during, or after a roof installation.

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