Alternative Roofing Choices

Alternative Roofing Choices

Know Your Options

Most homes have asphalt shingle roofs, and beyond that, many are metal. In some cases, neither option offers a perfect fit for a particular home. If this describes your home, there are many alternative roofing choices available. Contact Turner Roofing Company for a personalized recommendation.

Wood Roofs

Wood roofs lend a rustic, old-fashioned feel to your home and are environmentally friendly. If you choose engineered wood, you’ll be purchasing roofing material made from recyclables, such as sawdust, wood shavings, and older, sturdier pieces of wood. Wood roofs can be a fire hazard and are susceptible to cracks, which can let in drafts. They are also more vulnerable to insect damage.

Copper Roofs

Copper roofing increases your home’s market value and curb appeal because it’s so attractive. Like other metal roofs, copper is durable: it’s resistant to even the most severe weather damage, such as lightning strikes. Copper roofing also keeps your home well-insulated, saving you money on energy bills. Copper can be very expensive, and the noise factor may deter you.

Tile Roofs

Tile comes in many colors and styles that will attract positive attention from visitors or potential homebuyers. In general, tile roofs are built to withstand all kinds of natural disasters, from fires to earthquakes, so they’re a good bet no matter where you live. Tile is easy to install and repair, but may be expensive. Certain tile is heavier than others, so consider that when choosing and installing a tile roof.

Slate Roofs

Slate, like most of the other materials described here, is very durable, and a slate roof can last anywhere between 20 and 35 years. Slate is low maintenance, fire resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. It is one of the heavier materials on our list and can weigh as much as 1500 pounds. Do not choose it unless your underlying roof structure is stable. Keep expense in mind; slate can cost about $40 per square foot.

Every roofing material option has advantages and drawbacks. Choosing new material might be overwhelming, but that’s why the experts are here. Contact Turner Roofing to discuss options and choose the best material for your home.

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